Because we all know that team building means more than happy hour drinks at a crowded bar.


Workflo creates a low-pressure environment to experience the magic of a professional recording studio while creating a fresh track with your coworkers. Learn to freestyle or write lyrics and let your creativity flow while having actual fun with your team. No musical experience necessary!

We keep it positive. No diss tracks or battles. Hop in the freestyle circle, record a verse, or just kick back and blow off some steam with your coworkers. A Workflo night is a unique experience that will leave you with a track you can play on repeat!

Who knew that offices needed more freestyle rap? These guys.

​We met when we were all managing sales teams at Yelp years ago. At the end of a long day, we loved to blow off some steam by listening to music and freestyling. Before we knew it, dozens of employees and colleagues started dropping in to listen or try it out.

We knew we were on to something.

Between the three of us, we've managed dozens of people and know the struggle of trying to come up with creative ways to entertain our teams. We created Workflo for three reasons:

1) We believe in the power of music and collaboration. We want Workflo to be the most exciting and novel way to bring your team together.

2) We get it. Spending thousands of company dollars at noisy bars and trying to come up with fresh ideas to boost company morale can get tiring. 

3) We're constantly freestyling and figure we could do something productive with it. Seriously. We can't help it.

Louie aka 'Pots n Pans'
Jeremy aka 'JPro'
Brian aka 'BYoo'